States saving the most money on gas

Oil prices are falling sharply and lower oil prices leads to lower gas prices. Before you buy that SUV you always wanted, you might want to find out how much you can really save. We already told you about states with the highest gas tax, but now we figured out what states are benefiting the most from the recent drop in gas prices. To find this out, we looked at a few metrics like miles driven per year and gas prices based on the 2014 high and low as of October 2014.

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The data around gas prices came from the website, a terrific resource for looking at gas prices by state or city. They also have a cool app that helps you find the cheapest gas near you. The breakdown of the average miles driven by state came from a study conducted by US Public Interest Research Groups.

Top 10 States Saving the Most

Indiana – $515.21
Alabama – $507.53
Ohio – $504.40
Mississippi – $449.37
Kentucky – $441.10
Georgia – $425.98
Michigan – $420.70
Tennessee – $415.44
Missouri – $407.98
Delaware – $393.10

We determined these states are saving the most by dividing average miles driven per year by the average miles per gallon and then multiplying by the decrease in price. Simple, right? We assumed the average miles per gallon was 20. The less fuel efficient your car is, the more you will save. Let’s say you live in Indiana and drive an old Suburban, you could save over $700 if gas prices stay flat. If they fall more, you save more.

So why are these states saving the most? Well, it’s a few of different reasons. Either these states have a high gas tax, their drivers put more miles on their cars each year than other drivers in other states or the price of gas just dropped more. Take Michigan or Indiana, for example, with a gas tax above 40 cents per gallon of gas. As gas prices go down, so does the amount a state is pulling in on taxes. States like Alabama or Missouri have some of the most well-traveled citizens, logging over 11,000 miles behind the wheel each year.

Now let’s pause for Kanye to make it rain.

States with Biggest Drop in Gas Prices

Ohio – 26%
Indiana – 22%
Michigan – 22%
Delaware – 21%
Tennessee – 21%
South Carolina – 21%
Kentucky – 21%
Alabama – 21%
Georgia – 21%
Illinois – 21%
California – 21%

Just because these states have the biggest drop in gas prices, doesn’t mean drivers are actually saving the most. In California where gas prices are among the highest in the country, a 21% drop still might not be a relief for drivers. On the flip side, in South Carolina where gas prices are the lowest in the nation, that extra 21% probably makes gas seem practically free.

Now that you know the states saving the most and which have seen gas prices drop more than anywhere else, let’s look at the losers.

Gas Station Prices Are Too High

Top 10 States Saving the Least

Hawaii – $127.77
Alaska – $156.02
New York – $176.19
Utah – $203.85
District of Columbia – $224.61
Montana – $227.20
Rhode Island – $227.70
Idaho – $240.82
Massachusetts – $243.72
South Dakota – $250.16

We used the same calculation to find the states saving the most to find the states saving the least. While states in Midwest and South are saving the most, it’s the coastal and sparsely populated states that are seeing the fewest savings. Sorry Hawaii and Alaska. And as you can see below, it’s the sparsely populated states with the smallest drop in gas prices.

States with Smallest Drop in Gas Prices

Hawaii – 8%
Wyoming – 10%
Montana – 11%
Alaska – 12%
Utah – 12%
North Dakota – 13%
Idaho – 13%
South Dakota – 13%
Vermont – 14%
Nebraska –  14%

So what does this all mean? Move to the South. Roll Tide. The Midwest is an option, too. Go Hoosiers.

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Written by Max Katsarelas & Turner Parlin
Infographic by Sam Jackson
Photo credits:,