4th of july

Top 15 Most American-Made Used Cars

Shopping for a used car? Here’s a tip: get yourself a set of American wheels and celebrate the 4th of July. More specifically, a used set of American wheels from the model years 2008 through 2012. Used cars from these years have dipped in price and are continuing to drop in price, especially in July and August (proof). That’s why they’re the cars you should be looking for and that’s why they’re the ones we ranked.

Cobra American Flag

It is hard to define how American a car truly is, and the order of any ranking depends on this definition. Is it built in the U.S.? Uses only U.S. made parts? Or perhaps there are other ways to measure the American-ness of a car: the history of a brand, the look of a car, the feeling of the suspension or the roar of a true American V8. [keep reading]