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Joel Ewanick resigned, so now what?

Ewanick FrenemyLast weekend, GM’s marketing head honcho, Joel Ewanick, resigned. Business Insider covered it, the Detroit News covered it and a whole bunch of other websites covered the story too. People had a love-hate relationship with the man. He’s the automotive world’s frenemy. Think of Ewanick like coffee. It’s bad for your teeth and probably your health, but it’s just the kick in the pants most people need to get their day started.

Ewanick fired advertising agencies, started a war with Facebook and said Super Bowl commercials were a waste of money. Ewanick also changed company culture, developed an advertising strategy to save GM billions, helped turn around a failing brand, took risks with their media spends and demanded creative ideas. So what does Ewanick’s exit mean for Mojo Motors, car shoppers and dealerships? Let’s take a look.
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Putting it into park: Weekend Linkage

Remember our blog post plea for music to be removed from all car videos on YouTube? Someone heard us. Watch 11 minutes of pure driving and pure sound below at the Legend Boucles de Spa rally in Belgium.

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