Cool Used Car of the Future: Mongoose Motorsports Grand Sport

There’s a little town in Ravenna, Ohio that replicates the “Cobra Killer” at the Mongoose Motorsports garage. What’s the “Cobra Killer,” you ask? Time to get yourself ready for an history lesson. Back in the early 1960’s, the Shelby Cobra was one of the premier sports cars in racing. Chevrolet couldn’t let the Cobra go unmatched so they created the Corvette Grand Sport.

Feather-light at 1,900 pounds, the Grand Sport proved to be faster and more apt at taking corners than the Cobra. Unfortunately, only five Grand Sports were built after GM cancelled the program which meant the ultra rare American sports car had to compete in the prototype class against Porsche and Maserati. Almost 50 years later, the only kind of Grand Sport you’re bound to see is a Mongoose Motorsports replica in both coupe and roadster variations. Keep reading for the specs and more pictures.

Grand Sport Coupe

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The Monday Grind

Well hello there. Fancy seeing you back on the Mojo Motors Blog. Did you have a nice weekend? Hope so.

VW Rabbit Mojo Motors Image

– There’s lowering a car, then there’s slamming a car (see above). Check out slamming done right. [link]

Revenge of the Electric Car opened over the weekend and it stars Bob Lutz. [link]

– RAM Truck will partner with Mossy Oak on a camouflaged-edition pickup truck. [link]

– A pink Bentley Continental GT is being auctioned to benefit Breast Cancer research this Friday. [link]

Cool used car of the future: Mach 7 Falcon

The Mach 7 Falcon may very well be the coolest cool used car of the future we’ve ever posted. It’s the newest American supercar and it’s expected to be faster than a Dodge Viper and Chevrolet Corvette. Get this:

-20″ wheels
-100% carbon fiber body
-640 HP engine
-An estimated 0-60 time in under 3.5 seconds
-200+ MPH top speed
-Price tag of $200k.

Mach 7 Falcon Image

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