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The Best Red Cars: Valentine’s Day Edition

Valentines day carToday is Valentine’s Day and the holiday is synonymous with a few of things: dinner dates, flowers, chocolates and colors like red, purple or pink. might not be able to tell you the best chocolates or flowers to buy for your Valentine, but we do know a few things about the color red and it can make some cars look mighty fine. We like to pretend purple or pink cars don’t exist.

Facts on the Color Red:

– When you see the color red, your heart beats faster

– It’s a myth that red cars get more speeding tickets

– Red is a powerful color and evokes emotions like courage, sin, lust, passion and danger

– It stands out, grabs our attention and practically yells out, “Look at me!”

– If red could type text messages and emails, it would write with caps lock on at all times

– Red is associated with dominance and a red necktie has been nicknamed the “power tie”

– Winners wear red; the color is “consistently associated with a higher probability of winning”

– It’s the #5 most popular car color according to the 2011 DuPont Car Color Popularity Report

Here are used cars and trucks currently on with sultry red paint jobs.

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Mojo Motors most popular searches in October

Most Popular and Unpopular Toyota Smart ImageBased on the most popular Mojo Motors used car searches from October, if you’re looking to buy a used car to help you blend-in, go with a Toyota. If you want a used car that will make you stand out, buy a Smart ForTwo. Plus, we have the most popular pick up truck searches, most popular minivan searches and infographics of the 10 most popular car searches, the 10 most popular automaker searches and the least searched automakers. Keep in mind Mojo Motors only currently serves the New England market including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire so this data doesn’t speak for the other 46 states. Oh, and if you feel so inclined, here’s a recap of the most popular and unpopular searches in September for comparison. Keep reading for all the factoids.

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The most popular car colors

White was named the most popular car color in America beating out long-time favorite silver which has been the country’s most popular car color for the past ten years. It’s about time some fresh meat takes the crown from silver, but then again, the most exciting thing about white is when it makes an appearance on wheels. Refer to this Mustang Saleen and this Subaru WRX STi. White may be the most popular car color in America, but based on 117 responses from our Facebook fans, both red and black beat out America’s favorite by quite a majority. Even further down the list is silver, which was beaten out by the color blue in the fourth spot and green in the fifth-place spot.

For the complete results, check out the graph below:

Most Popular Car Colors Graph Image

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