Putting it into park: Weekend Linkage

Ending each week on the Mojo Motors Blog is “Putting it into park,”a compilation of interesting links and news from the past five days.

auto buds image

-Auto Buds posts pictures of two identical cars parked next to each other. Is it authentic? Don’t know, don’t care. [link]

-Bob Lutz is going back to General Motors as a part-time senior adviser after retiring in 2010. [link]

-TheRitchOnCars Daily aggregates all the auto news every day from an extensive list of blogs, websites and Tweeters. [link]

-Every Wednesday from 9-11PM, check out the #Motorama chat on Twitter where hard hitting questions are asked like, “Would you rather have a domestic or import with 200,000 miles?” or “Is a Volvo wagon really that reliable?” [link]

-Car Guy Dad’s review of the Nissan Quest minivan. The dashboard looks pretty. [link]

-Relay Rides hopes to take a chunk out of Zip Car’s market dominance by letting people rent out their own cars. [link]

-Frank Lloyd Wright designed a futuristic gas station in Minnesota that inspired Starbucks. [link]