Putting it into park: Weekend Linkage

The Daytona 500 is about the biggest thing happening in the sports world this weekend. Catch it Sunday at 1PM on FOX. After it ends don’t forget to watch The 84th Academy Awards on ABC at 7PM. We say this only because the movie Drive has been nominated for Best Sound Editing.

- Naming a car isn’t as easy as you might think

- Dude puts gun rack in his Chevy Volt to spite Newt Gingrich

- Swedish man found alive after being trapped in car for two months

- American bus manufacturers have golden opportunity in China

- The Dodge Dart will drive a lot like the Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Putting it into park: Weekend Linkage

Good stuff this week in the automotive sphere…check out the links below for stories on cop cars, a defensive cake-eating hipster and oodles of other link goodness. Enjoy the weekend.

Charger Pursuit Mojo Motors Blog

- Michigan State Police have released their cop car rankings

- Why Audi may be giving up on their fight for horsepower dominance

- Sexy red cars that you can find on

- TopGear USA funnyman Rutledge Wood likes cake but he’s no hipster

- Someone with lots of time dug out their basement using remote control toys

Putting it into park: Weekend Linkage

The past week has been a whirlwind of auto news. Check out the links below for all the happenings.

Ford Fusion Nascar Racing Mojo Motors

- Jalopnik test drove a 485HP, twin-turbo Nissan Juke R in Dubai

- The world’s longest bus in China can hold 300 passengers

- The new Ford Fusion NASCAR stock car actually looks like a Fusion

- Ford has the highest brand loyalty, Toyota is second and Chevrolet is third

- President Obama’s old 300C has been listed on ebay for $1,000,000

- A Texas man filmed his wife giving birth while driving down the highway

Putting it into park: Weekend Linkage

The automotive world is gearing up for the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Next Wednesday, look out for the Mojo Motors Blog’s segment called Cool Used Car of the Future which will feature some of the coolest concepts making their North American premier in the following days. Until then, enjoy the weekend.

The Worst Driver in Boston Image

- And the title of the worst driver so far in 2012 goes to this guy ^

- If you’ve ever been stranded in your car during a blizzard, download the Winter Survival Kit app

- The 10 most fascinating car factories in history

- The Toyota Tacoma and other vehicles that give you the best bang for your buck

- AutoBlog is preparing you for the Detroit Auto Show

- 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Drivers