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Automotive Fantasy Draft

Over the weekend you may have caught the NFL Draft on television. Think of it as a televised meat market with football teams all vying for the perfect cut to complete their menu. Unlike the NBA which drafts on a lottery system, the order of the NFL draft is based on a team’s performance from the last season. It’s simple, the better your team did, the later in the draft your team picks. That’s why the embarrassingly bad Colts got the top pick in the draft.

Cadillac Sixteen Picture

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What Bob Lutz can teach brands about success

Bob Lutz Cigar Mojo MotorsBob Lutz, legendary gear head and businessman who has worked at BMW, Ford Europe, Chrysler and General Motors tackles the challenges he faced during the decline of General Motors in his book Car Guys vs. Bean Counters. He writes about the disorganized management, layers upon layers of red tape and the embarrassing debacle known as the automotive bailout when General Motors pseudonym became Government Motors.

The book has gotten a bad rap because Lutz blames a large chunk of GM’s downfall on the penny-pinching financial types who were given charge of the automotive design. These folks were focused on cost-cutting, systematizing production and making the most money on each car produced, even if that meant sacrificing quality. As a result, Lutz contends, General Motors was building vehicles notorious for wide body gaps between panels, cheap interiors and being, well, really ugly.

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Putting it into park: Weekend Linkage

Ending each week on the Mojo Motors Blog is “Putting it into park,”a compilation of interesting links and news from the past five days.

auto buds image

-Auto Buds posts pictures of two identical cars parked next to each other. Is it authentic? Don’t know, don’t care. [link]

-Bob Lutz is going back to General Motors as a part-time senior adviser after retiring in 2010. [link]

-TheRitchOnCars Daily aggregates all the auto news every day from an extensive list of blogs, websites and Tweeters. [link]

-Every Wednesday from 9-11PM, check out the #Motorama chat on Twitter where hard hitting questions are asked like, “Would you rather have a domestic or import with 200,000 miles?” or “Is a Volvo wagon really that reliable?” [link]

-Car Guy Dad’s review of the Nissan Quest minivan. The dashboard looks pretty. [link]

-Relay Rides hopes to take a chunk out of Zip Car’s market dominance by letting people rent out their own cars. [link]

-Frank Lloyd Wright designed a futuristic gas station in Minnesota that inspired Starbucks. [link]