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Putting it into park: Weekend Linkage

Closing out the week is “Putting it into park,” a collection of the best stories, news and links from the past week.

Richard Childress Racing Earnhardt 100th win Mojo Motors Image

- ESPN recaps the career of Sprint Cup racing team owner Richard Childress

- The fifteen most memorable Chevrolet Camaros

- The Ford F-150 has been named the Truck of Texas

- Convicts get rehab by restoring cars

- Jimmie Johnson’s streak of five straight Nascar Cup Championships will probably end this year

- Formula 1 will invade Jersey Shore, err, Port Imperial, New Jersey in 2013

Photo credits: allleftturns

Putting it into park: Weekend Linkage

Rocktober continues on but the week has come to a close. Here’s what has happened the last five days in world of autos and it involves a Chinese company bailing out a Swedish company, pretty pictures of cars and the Cadillac of user experiences. Literally.

Subaru WRX Bug Eye Mojo Motors Image

- Isn’t it nice to look at a fine looking car in a beautifully edited photo. [link]

- The newly redesigned Chevrolet Colorado is coming to the U.S. of A. [link]

- A fuel efficient military vehicle is being tested by the U.S. Army. [link]

- Video of a Ford F-150 after a dealership fire gives more stock to the “Built Ford Tough” slogan. [link]

- Cadillac’s new in-car experience is a lot like using a smartphone or iPad. [link]

- Saab’s being saved by another Chinese company. It might be for real this time. [link]