The Monday Grind

Have you started hearing Christmas music yet on the radio? If so, we apologize. In other, non-Christmas music related news, we’ve provided a tidy set of links from across the web below.

Confederate License Plate Texas Image Mojo Motors

A proposed license plate with the confederate flag was rejected by Texas

Izod IndyCar announces a race scheduled in China for 2012

The Nascar Sprint Cup Chase between Edwards and Stewart is about to be epic

Mojo Motors is now on Google+ posting auto news, pictures and other sorts of silliness

Five concept cars that the world will see in 2012

Photo credits: autoblog

NASCAR Fines Childress, Was it Fair?

Bump during the cool-down lap, not cool Busch.

By now you’ve heard about Richard Childress and his “altercation” with Kyle Busch. The 65-year old grandfather put Busch in a headlock and punched him a number of times after Busch’s aggressive driving during the post race cool-down lap which led to him bumping into Joey Coulter.

As much as it pains me to say it, Busch had this coming. Not just for bumping Coulter, but this is a driver who doesn’t play nice and knows just how to push buttons. Childress lost his cool, and like a class act accepted his fine–$150,000–and probation. But should he be entirely to blame?

Busch was lucky this time for taking a few punches by grandpa and not some hothead. Something tells me to expect more of the same from this guy.