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Auto Dealerships Take a Cue from Apple (1to1 Media)

1to1 logoArticle by Judith Aquino for 1to1 Media

Spending time in the car typically means abandoning the Internet and apps for older technologies like satellite radio, CD players, and navigational screens attached to the windshield. But auto makers have been rolling out new features to bring the automobile up to speed with consumers used to touchscreens and on-demand entertainment. [keep reading]

What to know before you call the dealer

You’re shopping for a used car and in the midst of that long, exhaustive process. You’ve already figured out the types of cars you want and what you need out of the perfect used car. You’re searching on Mojo Motors when a car you’re Following gets a price drop, bringing it into your budget. That's what I want You have two options, visit the dealer or call them. You decide to call the dealer first. You don’t want to waste time driving to the dealer only to find out the vehicle was sold. Before you call, you need to know a few things. [keep reading]

Dealerships owned by athletes

An athlete’s career is short. The typical NFL player’s career is over in three years and most NHL players never play more than 100 games. Even more startling is 78% of NFL players are nearly bankrupt within two years of retiring and 60% of NBA players are usually bankrupt within five.

Michael Jordan Nissan Dealership

Since athletes have a shortened money-making career in sports, many have turned to the car business. Owning a dealership involves a massive investment up-front, but can be significantly beneficial long term. Think about it, everyone needs a car. These are the current and former athletes that own car dealerships. [keep reading]

Make your waiting room work for you

The worst is over. Car sales are on the rise again and maybe you have a little space in your budget for some renovation. But what kind of remodeling will give you the greatest potential ROI? The answer might be easier than you think. Revamp the waiting room. You might see an 80% increase in business or amazing Yelp reviews about your dealership’s restaurant.

Twin Oaks cafe

We already showed you 7 amazing car dealership waiting rooms which look nothing like traditional waiting rooms. Luxury brands take it to another level, though, with gyms, putting greens or flat screen televisions in their bathrooms. If you think spending mucho dinero on a renovation won’t net your store a big enough ROI, take a look at these studies and dealer experiences.

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7 amazing car dealership waiting rooms

Imagine it’s a beautiful Saturday, but you have to take your car into the dealership because you’ve been putting off an oil change and tire rotation for over a month.

Now imagine the dealership’s waiting room. Wasting away in an uncomfortable chair, drinking watery coffee, eating a stale packaged cheese danish from 2004, trying to read a People magazine from the same year as the danish but unable to focus on the story about drama on the set of Friends because someone who bogarted the remote is watching a daytime soap with the volume way too loud all the while you feel yourself getting sick, not because of the spoiled cheese danish, but because the guy next to you is sneezing without a tissue because there are no tissues in the dealership’s waiting room.

Most Beautiful Car Dealership

Yeah, that’s sounds pretty horrific. This about to change because more and more car dealerships are remodeling their waiting areas imitating your local coffee shop than a traditional dealership waiting room, all the while providing current reading material, tissues and Wi-Fi. [keep reading]