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Most ‘Followed’ cars in your state

When you first click over to Mojo Motors, you see the most ‘Followed’ cars on the website.  Think of ‘Follow’ as a popularity meter because the more ‘Followers,’ the more local shoppers want to know when the price drops and/or something like it is added to the website.

If you’re not familiar with ‘Following,’ here’s a quick lesson – when a shopper ‘Follows’ a car, they’re automatically set up for alerts when the price drops or it is sold. For a longer lesson, click here or to see what’s trending near you, or keep reading and click on your state below. [keep reading]

Why Suzuki is leaving the U.S. market

Suzuki is dead. Deader than all the leaves you see on your front lawn this fall. Deader than Romney’s bid for presidency (too soon?). Deader than that weird animal that washed up on the shore of some Long Island beach.

Suzuki Going out of business

On the day of the 2012 presidential election, Suzuki announced they would be filing for bankruptcy. Suzuki sold 2,023 cars in October. In October of 2011, they sold about 1,900. With this kind of wild growth, did Suzuki announce its U.S. departure too soon? Absolutely not because first of all, I was being facetious about wild growth and second of all, aside from the Sidekick AKA Escudo and the Samurai, Suzuki never quite got its footing here in the States. [keep reading]