10 car problems in the Polar Vortex

 10. When the plow guy is less than considerate


9. When your RWD car isn’t cutting it and you have to take your dogsled


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8. When you ask to work from home because you have RWD and the roads are slippery


7. When you can’t get your car to start in the morning


6. When it finally starts and you get way too excited


5. When you try to turn left and you end up turning an extra 360 degrees


4. When driving to work is harder than playing football


3. What’s that thing about ice again? Oh yeah, it’s slippery.


2. When your car gets stuck at just the wrong time


1. When you don’t have gloves and have to touch the icy steering wheel


The Polar Vortex is good for one thing though… DONUTS!!!!


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Written by Sam Jackson
Photo source: tumblr, Gawker, SPRUDGE,

The 10 oldest car dealerships in America

Things have changed quite a bit for the auto industry in the past 150 years or so. We’ve gone from 20 and 40mph vehicles to cars that go over 265mph and from dust jackets and motor goggles to voice activated climate control. Just look how far Bentley has come:

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 11.25.49 AM

Instead of flipping the pages of a catalog with used cars for sale, shoppers are using Mojo Motors to ‘Follow’ their favorite cars, receive alerts when prices drop and see how many other people are ‘Following’ car they want.

We appreciate innovation and to survive over one hundred years, these 10 dealerships have adapted to the changing industry. They’ve  jumped onto new ideas and continued to push forward. Case in point: some of the top 10 oldest dealerships in America according to NADA started out as blacksmiths, woodworkers or bicycle makers. They adapted to suit the needs of their customers, and that’s what we’re all about, too. [keep reading…]

Buying a car at a dealership doesn’t have to suck

Buying a car can be rough, but it doesn’t have to be. I recently received a call from my sister-in-law because her car died and was in need of a vehicle. She wanted a Honda Pilot and had a price in mind, however she was having a hard time finding a dealership she felt comfortable in.

Honda Dealership Image

She was stressed out had walked out of 2 dealerships. In one day. Before 11AM. I shared a few tips with her and by the end of the week, she was super happy with the purchase. Here are my car buying tips. [keep reading]

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Drivers in 2013

We wrote a similar article for 2012 and freshened it up for 2013. Enjoy.

1. Buy a car or truck that isn’t silver or white. Be a little different.

2. Don’t talk on the phone, send texts or Snap Chat while you drive. Avoid eating too, unless you like ketchup and special sauce stains all over your shirt.

3. Even if you’ve only had a couple of drinks, find a designated driver. Thank them with a meal at Taco Bell or fast food joint of their choice.

4. Slow down for people walking, running or cycling. Remember, you’re in an air conditioned vehicle- they’re outside and at the whim of mother nature. Slow down for construction workers too.

5. If it’s snowing or raining outside and you have to drive somewhere…don’t. You might think you know how to drive during inclement weather, but no one knows how to drive in that stuff.

6. It might be hilarious, but you should probably stop pranking drive-through employees. It’s not good to mess with people that handle your food.

7. Don’t argue with police officers about tickets because it will never end up working in your favor. Just hope they don’t show up at your court date.

8. Clean, vacuum and wash your car every week or so. No one wants to ride in a car that smells like beef jerky, fried fish sandwiches and whatever else is festering under your seats.

9. It’s not 1975 anymore. Change your oil every 5,000-8,000 miles or whenever your oil-life meter tells you. You’ll save a bunch of money.

10. Drive less or carpool with friends to work /school/wherever. Sitting in a car with other people forces you to talk. Conversations will make you smarter…usually. You’ll save on gas too.

Have an awesome and safe 2013!

The Monday Grind: Tuesday Edition

If it’s the Monday Grind on Tuesday, shouldn’t it just be the Tuesday Grind? Probably. In any event, it’s Tuesday and this is what you missed over the Holiday weekend.

Vampire GT Lego

That Vampire GT (above) was sold on eBay for $1,626 and made entirely out of Legos

Lotus engines couldn’t cut the mustard at the Indy 500 and were black flagged

The story of a $25,000 BMW that was probably underwater

Car apps may just be another driving distraction

The Monday Grind

Here are the stories making news in the automotive world from over the weekend. Be warned, if you don’t like seeing pictures of car-carnage, perhaps you should avoid the last link.

Cadillac ATS Teaser Image Mojo Motors Blog

The Cadillac ATS is slated to premier at the Detroit Auto Show

An infographic of Jeremy Clarkson’s quotes and their repercussions

Black tires are boring so a Chinese company created ones with colors

Best quotes from the 2011 Nascar Sprint Cup Series Award Ceremony

Japanese car crash takes the lives of amazing cars (no one was hurt)

Photo credit: MotorWard

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