Chevrolet Corvette

Putting it into park: Weekend Linkage

Here is a roundup of auto links from the past five days to welcome in the first weekend of December.

Nascar champions week logo

- The 2011 Sprint Cup Series Award Ceremony is on Speed tonight at 9PM

- Young drivers are waiting longer to get their driver licenses

- The 25 Greatest Audis ever compiled by Complex Mag

- GM will loan Volt owners with recalled batteries Corvettes (if they want)

- Autoweek is giving away a whole bunch of video game schwag

- The personal car collection of late-rally legent Colin McRae

Photo credits: Nascar

Cool used car of the future: Mach 7 Falcon

The Mach 7 Falcon may very well be the coolest cool used car of the future we’ve ever posted. It’s the newest American supercar and it’s expected to be faster than a Dodge Viper and Chevrolet Corvette. Get this:

-20″ wheels
-100% carbon fiber body
-640 HP engine
-An estimated 0-60 time in under 3.5 seconds
-200+ MPH top speed
-Price tag of $200k.

Mach 7 Falcon Image

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