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Cars in the movie The Place Beyond the Pines

Ryan Gosling is no stranger to picking movies where he plays mysterious stuntmen, ahem, Drive. In The Place Beyond the Pines, Gosling is Luke Glanton, a motorcycle stunt driver for a traveling fair. Before going to the next town, Glanton finds out he fathered a child the year before when he was spending time with a young waitress named Romina played by Eva Mendes. The film follows Glanton and the people around him in the days and decades after he quits the fair to stay near Romina and his baby Jason. Mendes Gosling Cooper Liotta Beyond the Pines Movie Poster While riding his dirt bike in the woods, Glanton is lucky enough to meet Ben Mendelsohn’s character named Robin who offers Glanton a job at his isolated repair shop. Glanton accepts, knowing he needs to support his family. After his wages as a mechanic aren’t enough, Robin half-jokingly suggests they should rob banks. Robin then admits to a couple heists in the past. That’s all Glanton needs to hear.

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After a few successful robberies, Robin wants to hide out but Glanton insists on hitting more banks. When Robin refuses and even ruins Glanton’s motorcycle to prevent him from continuing his robbing spree, Glanton threatens Robin with a gun. Without a partner, Glanton’s ability to rob banks is limited and during his last robbery, a young police officer named Avery Cross played by Bradley Cooper guns down the perp. [keep reading]

Cool used car of the future: Dodge Hornet Concept

Dodge wants to replace the beleaguered Caliber. Wait, you don’t know what the Dodge Caliber is? That is precisely why Dodge wants to launch a brand new compact model. From the sounds of it, Dodge won’t call their new compact a Hornet (named after the Hudson Hornet), but with no other alternative, the Mojo Motors Blog will refer to Dodge’s new concept as the Hornet.

Dodge Hornet Concept Image Mojo Motors

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