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Top 15 American-in-Spirit Used Cars

Yesterday, we gave you the top 15 most American-made cars. Nonetheless, there are other ways to measure the American-ness of a car: the history of a brand, the look of a car, the feeling of the suspension, the roar of a true American V8.


Today, we bring you 15 cars that embody the American car manufacturing ideals and history like no others. They reflect the same excellence within diversity that makes this nation what it is. Consequently, they vary from SUVs to vans to sports cars. There is no hierarchy in this post.  Each vehicle is different and unique, but they all feel as American as it gets, and are renown worldwide as just that–American. [keep reading]

Why minivans will make a comeback

Automotive News reported recently that the Wuling minivan in China is selling like bingzis or whatever the Chinese call hotcakes. Translation: this means they’re selling really darn good. Whilst Americans continue to buy up big trucks, SUV’s and crossovers, don’t be surprised if there’s a renaissance of the minivan. But wait, then why would Dodge drop the Grand Caravan or why would Ford stop building minivans in America altogether? To focus on crossovers where there might be more money to be made.

This might be a premature shift in strategy because there’s still a market for the minivan. Sure, the number of people buying minivans has dropped from about 1.3 million in 2000 to 540,000 in 2011, but so far in 2012, AutoData reports 10.6% growth. Two months the L.A. Times reported that fuel efficiency is what car buyers care about most after a Consumer Reports found 37% of shoppers care about fuel economy. Quality of the car, which should probably be more important came in second at a measly 17%. Gas mileage alone is reason enough why minivans should make a comeback, but keep reading for more. [keep reading]