5 car dealership commercials that don’t suck

Local used car dealership commercials tend to evoke two strong feelings in people. One is embarrassment because maybe you know those involved (or you’re just a sensitive soul). Two is amusement because the quality of the ad is terrible. There might also be a certain degree of confusion or ‘WTF’ questions. Click here or here to see some recent examples that evoke those feelings.

Cuban Gynecologist and American Car Salesman

There is hope for our industry. For one thing, some fantastic and viral spoofs have come out of this catastrophe. For another, there are dealerships out there who have made some great local commercials and and they deserve to be honored. Here are five car dealerships that are doing it right. Hopefully they’ll help you learn not to cringe on instinct the next time one comes on TV. [keep reading]

Mojo Motors Radio Spots

Mojo Motors is being played on a radio station near you! Take a listen to our brand new radio spots below.

These car commercials are better

There’s been a plethora of blogs and websites ranking their picks of the best commercials from the Super Bowl. The car commercials were good, but not great. Despite various celebrities, like a practically naked Adriana Lima, a flying Jay Leno or a soft-speaking Clint Eastwood pulling at your patriotic heartstrings, they just didn’t qualify as great. Here are but a few car commercials that are at the same level or better than what you saw on February 5, 2012.

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