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Most Amazing Buick Concept Cars

Buick’s image is changing again. The once vibrant and exciting brand turned stale and boring in the 90’s only to have an early 21st century comeback.  Such a historic brand should have never faced the decline it did in the 90’s. Luckily, GM has invested millions into Buick to help spark its resurgence.

Buick Electra 225

Buick has an amazing American history, in  fact, they are the oldest active American automaker. You can read the full history here. They also have some of the most amazing concept cars built over the past decades which is surprising for a brand that GM left for dead in the 90’s. Here are some of the best you may have never seen before.  [keep reading]

Cool Used Car of the Future: Mangusta Legacy Concept

The Mangusta Legacy Concept is the brainchild of illustrator Maxime de Keiser who based the design off the De Tomaso Mangusta that was introduced way back in 1966. The new concept takes cues from the original Italian sports car with a distinct 80’s vibe. One look at this concept and you can’t deny it’s got Kelly McGillis and Tom Cruise a la Top Gun written all over it. Heck, it looks more 80’s than the jheri curl and sweater dresses.

Mangusta Legacy Concept Image Mojo Motors

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Cool used car of the future: Dodge Hornet Concept

Dodge wants to replace the beleaguered Caliber. Wait, you don’t know what the Dodge Caliber is? That is precisely why Dodge wants to launch a brand new compact model. From the sounds of it, Dodge won’t call their new compact a Hornet (named after the Hudson Hornet), but with no other alternative, the Mojo Motors Blog will refer to Dodge’s new concept as the Hornet.

Dodge Hornet Concept Image Mojo Motors

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Cars of the Frankfurt Motor Show

burnout frankfurt motorshow imageThe biennial Frankfurt Motor Show, also known as the International Automobile Exhibition and International Motor Show, opens to the public today and continues running through September 25. During the past few days, automakers have been releasing a stream of concepts and new models for 2012 and beyond. This has thrown Twitter into a frenzy of #iaa hashtags and enough pictures to keep your eyes locked in place for hours. Make the jump to see what’s looking hot, not hot, and a couple in between.

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