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Make your waiting room work for you

The worst is over. Car sales are on the rise again and maybe you have a little space in your budget for some renovation. But what kind of remodeling will give you the greatest potential ROI? The answer might be easier than you think. Revamp the waiting room. You might see an 80% increase in business or amazing Yelp reviews about your dealership’s restaurant.

Twin Oaks cafe

We already showed you 7 amazing car dealership waiting rooms which look nothing like traditional waiting rooms. Luxury brands take it to another level, though, with gyms, putting greens or flat screen televisions in their bathrooms. If you think spending mucho dinero on a renovation won’t net your store a big enough ROI, take a look at these studies and dealer experiences.

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Why your company should write thank you notes

We love getting feedback. Each time someone lets us know why they love or hate our website, it’s like a miniature usability test. We find out about tech issues, learn how members use the website or why someone doesn’t want to sign up for a free account. It also gives us the chance to connect with a Mojo Motors fanatic or detractor.  When detractors let us know they aren’t digging us, we have a unique opportunity to turn them into fanatics. Sometimes this is impossible, but in many cases, simply responding to a detractor is all that it takes. Mostly because detractors aren’t accustomed to actually hearing back from a company. It’s how we are trying to make this whole process of shopping for a car online more personal and hopefully help us become known as the best way to find a used car or truck online. Make the jump below for more.

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