Cash isn’t king when buying a used car

Most people think that paying cash at a dealership for a used car will get them a better deal. A cash deal for the customer usually ends up being a better deal, but not everyone can afford paying for a $17,000 used car for sale with cash.

Old Wagon For Sale with Sign in Window Image

That’s why many shoppers will finance and dealers like this. While the average price of a used car continues to drop, dealerships need to make a profit somewhere and they do that one of three ways. [keep reading]

Selling dealers on a startup

As seen on the internetHow does a start-up like Mojo Motors go about selling a product to dealers who are unfamiliar with a new digital product and technology?

As an Account Executive, it’s my job to convince car dealers that our platform will help them sell cars.  I know these guys get dozens of phone calls each day from people trying to sell them something. Most of the time it’s crap, but occasionally a call will come in from someone offering a novel product that really will help them make money. [keep reading]

Joel Ewanick resigned, so now what?

Ewanick FrenemyLast weekend, GM’s marketing head honcho, Joel Ewanick, resigned. Business Insider covered it, the Detroit News covered it and a whole bunch of other websites covered the story too. People had a love-hate relationship with the man. He’s the automotive world’s frenemy. Think of Ewanick like coffee. It’s bad for your teeth and probably your health, but it’s just the kick in the pants most people need to get their day started.

Ewanick fired advertising agencies, started a war with Facebook and said Super Bowl commercials were a waste of money. Ewanick also changed company culture, developed an advertising strategy to save GM billions, helped turn around a failing brand, took risks with their media spends and demanded creative ideas. So what does Ewanick’s exit mean for Mojo Motors, car shoppers and dealerships? Let’s take a look.
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Mojo Motors used car search infographics

Most and Least Searched Automakers on Mojo Motors ImageUsed cars and trucks are sort of our thing, actually check that, used cars and trucks are our thing. We have vehicles listings in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, so basically Mojo Motors is pushing lots and lots of used rides in New England. As Mojo Motors continues to expand into new reaches of the United States, we continue to uncover interesting information on used car buyers. More specifically, what used car shoppers are searching for on the Mojo Motors website.

September’s numbers have been crunched, the paper’s been pushed and with some mathematical skills we’ve determined the most popular used cars and trucks in New England. We’ve also found the most popular automakers as well as the most unpopular automaker and model searches too. The results may be surprising. Make the jump to see the results and poorly made infographics.

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