10 questions people think about at a car dealer

10. Is that the 2015 model?

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9. Why hasn’t anyone told me that my oil change was completed an hour ago?

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8. Why does this coffee taste worse than gross Halloween candy from 1999?

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7. How come the sales guy didn’t call me back?

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6. I hate paying money to get my car fixed – why don’t I live in a place where I don’t need a car?

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5. Is the mechanic going to steal something from my car? 

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4. Wouldn’t this waiting room be so much awesomer if there were corgi puppies?Cute Puppy Gif

3. Am I the only person that can’t understand all this dealer paperwork?

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2. Why is that awkward person staring at me from across the waiting room?

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1. I am done? I can finally drive away in my new car?

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Written by Max Katsarelas

What to know before you call the dealer

You’re shopping for a used car and in the midst of that long, exhaustive process. You’ve already figured out the types of cars you want and what you need out of the perfect used car. You’re searching on Mojo Motors when a car you’re Following gets a price drop, bringing it into your budget. That's what I want You have two options, visit the dealer or call them. You decide to call the dealer first. You don’t want to waste time driving to the dealer only to find out the vehicle was sold. Before you call, you need to know a few things. [keep reading]

How to drive urgency online #DD15

Download Paul’s deck here.

Paul Nadjarian Presenting at DD15At Digital Dealer 15 (#DD15) Paul Nadjarian, Mojo Motors Founder & CEO, presented to dealership executives and managers on techniques to drive urgency online. Dealerships already excel at driving urgency in the dealership and by phone.

“That’s a great car, I just had someone take a test drive this morning.”

“I have been getting lots of calls about that car, we just dropped the price $500!”

Using key words and phrases like that is nothing new for the sales team at a dealership. However, how does a dealership take these techniques to the internet to drive urgency? This can get a bit more complicated because it would seem driving urgency is best done in-person. [keep reading]

4 tips to perfect the inbound call

Better phone skillsI’ve already given you four sales tips to use this summer and now I want to go one step further. Training employees is something your store invests a lot of time and money into, and rightfully so. From service and parts to sales, you want to set your employees up for success in every area. Their success equals your success, right? Sometimes one of the hardest areas to master can seem like the most straightforward. The telephone.

Is your sales and service team following up with customers?

Are they getting their important messages across?

How you handle your inbound calls can make or break your store and it starts with the initial phone call. It is when a customer forms their first impression of your dealership. Here are a four quick tips to perfect the inbound call. [keep reading]

Dealer Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for your interest in Mojo Motors! We’re the best way for shoppers to find a great used car and the best way for dealers to market their preowned inventory. Take a look below for our most frequently asked questions.

What makes Mojo Motors different?
What is responsive design?
What makes Mojo Motors alerts so great?
Why are there no ads?
How much does Mojo Motors cost?
What are the terms and commitments required of a Mojo dealer?
Why does Mojo Motors focus on VDPs?
What are VDPs?
What is a Mojo Motors discount voucher?
Why haven’t I heard of you guys?
Where does Mojo Motors get traffic?
Why do car shoppers like Mojo Motors?
What kind of reporting does Mojo Motors offer?

What makes Mojo Motors different?

Mojo Motors is the only car shopping website where people ‘Follow’ cars to get alerts when dealers drop prices, sell cars or add new vehicles to their inventory. Mojo Motors is also the only car shopping website designed with the same responsive technology used by Starbucks, The Boston Globe and Mashable.

You know how you ‘Follow’ people on Twitter for news and updates? Shoppers ‘Follow’ cars on Mojo Motors for alerts when you drop prices, sell cars or add new vehicles to your inventory.

What is responsive design?

Responsive design means the Mojo Motors website will automatically fit to your screen size whether you’re shopping on a desktop, tablet or mobile. With 100 million tablet sales expected this year and nearly 40% of car shoppers using mobile to shop on Mojo Motors, responsive design makes the experience seamless so shoppers don’t have to download any apps. You can read why responsive design is the future of web here.

Mojo Motors Reponsive Design

What makes Mojo Motors alerts so great?

Car shoppers actually read and click Mojo Motors remarketing emails. Our alerts emails have click rates ranging from 9% to 30%. Here are a few of the different remarketing emails we send to members:

  • Price drops on cars they’re ‘Following’
  • Car they viewed is sold with similar cars still available
  • New cars that match their search has been added

We also have highly targeted emails specific to your store’s inventory that are sent when shoppers indicate high value activities like viewing the Carfax report, clicking map directions or printing a Mojo Motors discount voucher. To get a better idea of how we email car shoppers and keep them engaged with your store, sign up for your own Mojo Motors account and start ‘Following’ cars.

Why are there no ads?

Banner ads, spotlighted listings and featured dealerships don’t help car shoppers make a purchase decision. We designed our website to be free of distractions and made it easy for car shoppers to find the information they want most like price, vehicle information and, of course, dealership details.

How much does Mojo Motors cost?

Mojo Motors costs substantially less than traditional automotive digital advertising. We keep it simple – there are no packages, spotlights or features to buy. Contact one of our account executives to find out more. or 877-808-6656.

What are the terms and commitments required of a Mojo dealer?

As with everything else, we try to keep it simple. There are no long term contracts and dealers can cancel at anytime. You can read our full terms and commitments here.

Why does Mojo Motors focus on VDPs?

Less shoppers submit leads now than ever before because all the information they need is online. Increasing awareness on your store’s VDPs will increase sales. Here are some articles and resources why VDPs are more important than leads.

What are VDPs?

VDPs are vehicle detail pages where shoppers can find all the information about a particular car at your store. They can see your store’s address, phone number and send an email to your CRM. Shopper’s can also see a vehicle’s price, price history, Carfax report, details about engine type, interior color, etc and print out a Mojo discount voucher.

Mojo Motors VDP

What is a Mojo Motors discount voucher?

If your store decides to offer a discount to Mojo members (which we do recommend), they’re more likely to show you a Mojo Motors discount voucher. This allows a customer to get the price they saw online for a particular car effectively reducing the stress of haggling for both you and the buyer.

Why haven’t I heard of you guys?

Car shoppers have heard of us because we target them where they shop and browse the web. Unless you’re actively shopping for a used car online, you won’t come across Mojo Motors. But the next time a customer walks into your store, ask them if they’ve used  Mojo Motors while they’ve been shopping online.

Where does Mojo Motors get traffic?

Mojo Motors draws local in-market auto shoppers from a variety of sources and strategies including classified sites, traditional internet marketing, radio advertisements and display retargeting. We’ve also got a knack for social media – check out our profiles:

Why do car shoppers like Mojo Motors?

It’s simple, shoppers like us because we make finding the right car at the right price hassle free. Our real time alerts keep them informed without a learning curve. We don’t have ads and we don’t spam. Read our testimonials here.

Plus, ‘Following’ cars on Mojo Motors makes it easier to keep track of price changes, the same way Facebook makes it easy to keep track of friends or Twitter makes it easy to keep track of news.

What kind of reporting does Mojo Motors offer?

There is a mobile-optimized dealer dashboard where all high value activities and ‘Follows’ are tracked. Read more about the Mojo Motors dealer dashboard here. We also have great resources for managers on our blog with advice and data on how run more efficient stores. Read the latest articles here.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Drop us a line at 877-808-6656 or by email.

Six ways to add sizzle in email responses

A large part of what we do at dealerships involves establishing contact with the customer. However, all too often we respond to online customer inquiries with an auto response email. If you’ve ever spent any time mystery shopping your competition you’ll find that they’re doing the same thing.

Fajita PlatterDoes a general auto response really engage our customers with answers to their questions? If we’re being honest with ourselves, the answer is no. We are just relying on the auto response email to ensure that the customers gets something/anything from our dealership. Here are a six quick tips to help you effectively engage your customers and add some sizzle: [keep reading]

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