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The Monday Grind

It’s Cyber Monday and it will be the biggest online shopping day of 2012. Bring on the deals and steals. Here are some other bits and pieces of news you may have missed from over the weekend while you camped outside Toys”R”Us.

Nobody steals a Prius Hybrid, but if they do 96.7% are found in 23 days

Could you live in a mobile home as nice as Sumaya?

1975 Chevrolet Vega two-door is on eBay for a cyber Monday price

Just some real sexy pics of cars on German Car Scene

Photo credit: Business Pundit

Putting it into park: Weekend Linkage

There was an article in the April 2012 edition of Car and Driver about wheel stand competitions and the sport is fascinating. Check out the video below and the other pieces of automotive news you may have missed during the week.

This is what the inside of a giant tire in Detroit looks like

March Muscle Car Madness takes bracketology to a whole new level

It might not make you want to buy a Buick, but the Buick Human Highlight Reel will make you feel good

The most annoying things other drivers do

The Monday Grind

The press preview at the Detroit Auto Show starts today, but lots and lots of pictures are already surfacing so follow us on Twitter as we’ll keep you posted with the goings-on. The picture below, however, is something you’d see in Japan, not Detroit or even the USA for that matter.

Bosozoku Car Picture Mojo Motors Blog

Ever heard of Bōsōzoku? It’s Japanese and they do silly things to cars.

The new 2012 Dodge Dart has a permanent grimace

SPEED channel has canceled The Car Show after one season

The Detroit Free Press has a constantly updated gallery of pictures from the Detroit Auto Show

Photo credits: bosozokustyle

Putting it into park: Weekend Linkage

The last full weekend before Christmas is upon us so you’re probably doing one of two things. One, hanging out all weekend because you’re done shopping or two, you’re scrambling to finish your shopping. If you need some last minute ideas, check out our Gift Guide. Otherwise, peruse the auto news from the last week.

Silver Arrow Image Barret-Jackson Mojo Motors

The Silver Arrow and other cars at Barret-Jackson that are harder to find than a republican front-runner

DiRT Showdown, slated for release in May 2012, isn’t like DiRT 1, 2 or 3

The next-generation Viper won’t be a Dodge

Edmunds InsideLine’s 100 Worst Cars of All Time

The most popular trending car on Mojo Motors in November was the Subaru Impreza

A small peak at Buick’s new crossover, the Encore

The Monday Grind

Luckily there are dashes to separate the links in this edition of The Monday Grind. Why, you ask? Because there is no way to segue a story about Dan Wheldon, alternative fuels, Grand Theft Auto, a parade of electric cars and VW’s ugly breakup with hipsters.

Dan Wheldon Mojo Motors Image

– IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon was killed over the weekend in a fiery crash at the Las Vegas Indy 300. [link]

– Give Grand Theft Auto the credit for changing the world of video games with open world gameplay. [link]

– Alternative fuel that you probably didn’t even consider fuel. [link]

– Volkswagen doesn’t need or want hipsters anymore. [link]

– 26 cities celebrate “National Plug In Day” to support the electric car movement. [link]

Photo credit: NY Daily News