Putting it into Park: Weekend Linkage

The Costin Amigo, pictured below, was a rare sports car built in the 1970′s. We asked our Facebook fans if they thought it was hot or not and the consensus was pretty split. One thing is for’s the weekend.

Costin Amigo Sports Car

- The VW Beetle convertible actually looks awesome

- Dealers must apply to get the new SRT Vipers on their lot

- ESPN answers your “burning questions” about the Brickyard 400

- Ford sales tanked in Q2

- The new F150 will have an aluminum body and shed 700 pounds

The Monday Grind

The weekend that was November 18-20 gave us time to prepare for a short three-day week and, of course, the latest Nascar Sprint Cup champion Tony Stewart. Read more by following the links below.

- Chevrolet’s proves that “Chevy Runs Deep” aint no joke

- Top Gear Live is going down this week in London and it will be way better than Charlie Sheen’s Truth Tour

- Tony “Smoke” Stewart took the Sprint Cup Championship over the weekend at Homestead in Miami

- ESPN’s Ed Hinton calls Tony Stewart a Nascar legend

- The VW Caddy got some cred from Hooniverse’s “What the Truck Weekend”

The Monday Grind

Have you started hearing Christmas music yet on the radio? If so, we apologize. In other, non-Christmas music related news, we’ve provided a tidy set of links from across the web below.

Confederate License Plate Texas Image Mojo Motors

- A proposed license plate with the confederate flag was rejected by Texas

- Izod IndyCar announces a race scheduled in China for 2012

- The Nascar Sprint Cup Chase between Edwards and Stewart is about to be epic

- Mojo Motors is now on Google+ posting auto news, pictures and other sorts of silliness

- Five concept cars that the world will see in 2012

Photo credits: autoblog