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The right and wrong ways brands use social media

First, let’s begin with a question – is there a right way and a wrong way for brands to use social media? Here’s an answer – it’s a trick question because, in my opinion, there is no right and wrong way. Wait, so actually I guess the answer is no. Some prolific users of social media might argue differently, but every brand or person can do whatever they want with their online persona.

It really depends on the goals a brand sets out to achieve that will determine if there really is a right or wrong way. Is the goal to increase followers and engagement or simply to advertise coupons or deals? You’ve heard it before, social media is still pretty much like the wild west and there are no rules. As long as you’re not Tweeting to the corporate account by accident like that guy from Chrysler, you can Tweet, message or post whatever you want. [keep reading]

Using LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn has created a more robust Company Pages feature with space for a prominent “cover” photo and top bar navigation that brings it in line with Twitter and Facebook. Ultimately, the changes aren’t drastic from a user’s standpoint, but I can only imagine the amount of design work that went into the refresh.

Aside from the new cover photo, LinkedIn allows companies to feature career openings, the products or services they sell and insights which breaks down new hires/titles, departures and the other viewed companies. We’ve already added a cover photo which we use on Facebook, but it will be a temporary placeholder until we create a LinkedIn Pages-exclusive photo.

For the entire scoop, check out Social Media Examiner’s coverage.

How to find 100,000 fans for your Facebook page

The Mojo Motors Facebook page has about 158,000(ish) fans. That’s a lot of people for a brand like Mojo Motors which is still just a regional internet company operating in places like Florida, Texas and New England. If you’re a new company and trying to make it in the wild west known as social media, you’re probably wondering how to get more Facebook fans. Or, how do you keep Facebook fans engaged and talking?


It’s not that hard. All it takes is a little money and some time. Just follow these three steps.

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MojoMotors.com expanding social media sphere

We be erwhere (everywhere) on the web.

For the reader with social media savvy, you probably understood that first line of our post without looking inside the parentheses. If you didn’t understand without looking at the translation, don’t feel bad, now you know. And now you’re instantly cooler. Thing is, to be super extra cool, you’ll need to expand and share your sphere of social presence with MojoMotors.com. We’ve recently changed our menu of social media offerings, so keep reading to get the word.

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The Monday Grind

Have you started hearing Christmas music yet on the radio? If so, we apologize. In other, non-Christmas music related news, we’ve provided a tidy set of links from across the web below.

Confederate License Plate Texas Image Mojo Motors

A proposed license plate with the confederate flag was rejected by Texas

Izod IndyCar announces a race scheduled in China for 2012

The Nascar Sprint Cup Chase between Edwards and Stewart is about to be epic

Mojo Motors is now on Google+ posting auto news, pictures and other sorts of silliness

Five concept cars that the world will see in 2012

Photo credits: autoblog

What Nascar can learn from Kyle Busch

Kyle Busch Funny Image Mojo MotorsAfter intentionally wrecking Ron Hornaday during a Camping World Truck Series race at Texas Motor Speedway last Friday, Kyle Busch has solidified himself as Nascar’s most hated driver. Please refer to yesterday’s Monday Grind blog post for video of the wreck. Even before this incident, “Shrub” was already one of the most hated drivers, but why? Is it the sunglasses? Is it because he brings shame to M&M’s candy? Perhaps, but these three reasons are much more likely:

1. He drives a Toyota.

2. Fans think he is arrogant and cocky.

3. His aggression and willingness to wreck fellow drivers.

Except for the first reason, both number 2 and 3 were traits reflected by the great Dale Earnhardt Sr. who was notorious for aggressive driving and performing the “bump-and-run” on other drivers. This has sparked comparisons, but what separates the two, however, is temperament and self-control. Earnhardt never used his car as a weapon, especially during a caution lap like Bush did last week. Moreover, Busch has been caught up in a number of squabbles since joining Nascar at the age of 16 in 2001. There was the fight with Richard Childress that led to exchanging blows. Then there was the fight with Kevin Harvick that nearly led to exchanging blows at Darlington. There was also the time he called Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans “crazy.” And then there was last weekend.

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The greatest Chevrolet ever

In honor of their 100th birthday, Chevrolet let drivers vote on the Best Chevy Ever. The winner was a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro garnering over 25,000 votes. First runner-up was the 1970 Chevelle SS. Second runner-ups were the 1953 Corvette and 1957 Bel Air.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Image

Mojo Motors polled fans on the Mojo Motors Facebook page and while most agreed that the 1969 Camaro was the greatest Chevy, other heavy favorites emerged. For some fans, the greatest Chevy ever is the Plymouth GSX, 1987 Thunderbird, 1969 Barracuda, AMC Gremlin or Pontiac Fiero. Thing is, we’re pretty sure those aren’t Chevys and unless the Fiero is a Ferrari clone, it’s not great at all. For the real picks of the greatest Chevrolets, look at the pictures below and enjoy. [keep reading]