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Summer is the time to ‘Follow’ cars and save

We wrote about summer being a great time to buy here. It all starts in May when dealerships drop prices on used cars and trucks the most. Not only are they dropping prices more often, they’re chipping more off the price too.

Used Car infographic

Since the average used car stays on a dealer’s lot for about 40 days and will drop in price about three times, ‘Following’ a car on Mojo Motors will keep you alerted anytime something happens to the used car or truck you want most. If you’re not sure about what type of vehicle you want most, check out the best used cars to buy this summer.

If you’re already set on a few types of vehicles, keep reading to see how Mojo Motors will do the work for you while you shop.  [keep reading]

Are you a car stalker?

When shopping for a car, being a stalker is highly recommended by Mojo Motors. In fact, it’s the best way to find the best price on the best used car or truck. When you are not shopping for a car, however, being a stalker is not recommended.

Follow Cars on Mojo Motors

We already talked about how to use Mojo Motors while shopping for a car, but we decided to write an alternative post replacing ‘Follow’ with words like stalking. Sure, ‘Follow’ is our word of choice on the website, but stalk is a suitable synonym and a bit more interesting too. [keep reading]

Disruption is hard

Disruption is hard. When I joined Mojo Motors a year and half ago, I thought we were going to tear the used car industry a new one. Boy was I sort-of right.

Shopping for a used car is a pain. It’s hard to find the right car, track prices, and get a good deal without spending a ton of time and fielding a lot of calls. We built a solution at Mojo Motors that really helps people buy a used car. We had to take care of our dealer partners too, and we thought we had. You see we charged them whenever a Mojo member purchased a car. Sounds fair right? [keep reading]

Useful Resource for Used Car Shoppers (Real Car Tips)

Real Car Tips LogoStory by Gregg Fidan on Real Car Tips.

As my long-time readers know, I’m always seeking out resources that help car shoppers save money. This week, I want to alert you to a new web site for used car shoppers that I found to be very unique, useful, and best of all – has the potential to save you lots of money. [keep reading]

A message from Mojo Motors CEO Paul Nadjarian

After helping thousands of cars shoppers buy a car they love, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the new version of the Mojo Motors website.  We’ve made it even easier to get a great deal on used cars & trucks – you just Follow Cars and Save Money.

Here are some highlights:
– You can Follow your favorite cars and get alerts as prices change
– The ‘My Cars’ page will keep track of all changes on the cars you Follow
– Optimized to look beautiful on your phone, tablet and desktop
– As always, Mojo Motors has no ads and is still totally FREE!

Check out the new Mojo Motors website. If you have any thoughts, feel free to send me an email.