How to write a cover letter for startups

After a recent hiring spree, it’s safe to say we’ve probably looked at a couple hundred cover letters. Maybe more. Reading cover letters sucks, but the anguish of slaving over a cover letter when there’s no guarantee you’ll actually hear back from a company sucks even more. Cover letters take time to write and great cover letters take even more time to write unless, that is, you’re a wordsmith or the John Updike of cover letters. That’s John Updike there to the right.

Forbes published a handy guide with 6 secrets to write a cover letter and we definitely recommend giving that a read. We also have a few of our own suggestions which will help make your cover letter really pop. So here goes. [keep reading]

Putting it into park: Weekend Linkage

The automotive world is gearing up for the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Next Wednesday, look out for the Mojo Motors Blog’s segment called Cool Used Car of the Future which will feature some of the coolest concepts making their North American premier in the following days. Until then, enjoy the weekend.

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