Frankfurt Motor Show

Putting it into park: Weekend Linkage

Ending each week on the Mojo Motors Blog is “Putting it into park,” a compilation of newsworthy links from the past five days.

-That was the Hennessey Venon GT accelerating from 60 MPH to over 200 MPH. [link]

-General Motors courts BMW to partner on engines. [link]

-Maserati may build their new concept SUV in Detroit. [link]

-Auto Observer did a test on the most fuel efficient minivans. See how they stack up. [link]

-Mojo Motors featured a list of hot and not-so-hot cars that premiered at the Frankfurt Motor Show. [link]

Cars of the Frankfurt Motor Show

burnout frankfurt motorshow imageThe biennial Frankfurt Motor Show, also known as the International Automobile Exhibition and International Motor Show, opens to the public today and continues running through September 25. During the past few days, automakers have been releasing a stream of concepts and new models for 2012 and beyond. This has thrown Twitter into a frenzy of #iaa hashtags and enough pictures to keep your eyes locked in place for hours. Make the jump to see what’s looking hot, not hot, and a couple in between.

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