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Putting it into Park: Weekend Linkage

Happy Friday! If you’re going shopping this weekend, good luck because it will probably be a gauntlet. If you decide to ride out the weekend at home, perhaps these auto links will be of interest to you.

Changfeng Rhombus Ugly Chinese Car Image

China’s car contributions to the world are slightly cool, weird but mostly ugly

The 2011 Mojo Motors Blog Gift Guide highlighting all the best gifts for car peeps is here

Nissan is going buck wild with electric cars and premiered 5 electric concepts in Tokyo

A new study finds fat kids are safe in normal-sized car seats

Read the worst towing stories from Boston, MA

Car and Driver’s 10 best future used cars

Photo credit: MSN Cars UK

Mojo Motors 2011 Gift Guide

Starting next week the Mojo Motors Blog will begin offering up a series of posts dedicated to the best gifts for car folks tagged “2011 Gift Guide.”

2011 Gift Guide from the Mojo Motors Blog

Expect suggestions on the best car movies, furniture and art to give motor-minded friends. Figure out what to get the race fans you love (or loathe) and other gift ideas that are sure to make a gearhead happy. There might even be a few lists of the best used cars or trucks to buy if you’re really looking to splurge. You’re about to become one of the best shoppers in the world. No promises on that one though. Until then, sit tight and if you have any suggestions, let us know.