Camo’ed out: Ram Mossy Oak vs Chevy Silverado Realtree

In a recent Mojo Motors survey of our Facebook fans, we wanted to find out their favorite camouflage brand: Realtree or Mossy Oak. There were over 400 responses and Realtree came out on top with 61% of the vote. This is good news for Chevrolet who recently showed off their 2500 HD Silverado Realtree concept. The two brands teamed up to create the “ultimate hunters truck” even though minus the custom paint job and some camouflaged accents, the truck is no different than a normal 2500 HD Silverado. Alright, we lied. The concept pickup truck has a custom winch, custom shell and over-sized tires, but other than that, it’s nearly identical to a normal 2500 Silverado.

2500 HD Silverado Realtree Image

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The Monday Grind

Well hello there. Fancy seeing you back on the Mojo Motors Blog. Did you have a nice weekend? Hope so.

VW Rabbit Mojo Motors Image

– There’s lowering a car, then there’s slamming a car (see above). Check out slamming done right. [link]

Revenge of the Electric Car opened over the weekend and it stars Bob Lutz. [link]

– RAM Truck will partner with Mossy Oak on a camouflaged-edition pickup truck. [link]

– A pink Bentley Continental GT is being auctioned to benefit Breast Cancer research this Friday. [link]