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Cool Used Cars of the Future: Geneva Motor Show

The auto shows in the United States are stages for American automakers to debut their practical vehicles. You know, a Fusion, Malibu or some compact car nobody will buy. Sometimes General Motors, Ford Motor Company or Chrysler will premier an outlandish concept vehicle, but that’s rarer than seeing a hamster drive a Kia. The auto show in Geneva, however, is where super cars capture the spotlight.

Funny Picture of a Toyota

Sure, there were some “practical” cars premiering in Geneva. Take the 2013 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe, for instance- four doors and an inline six (just ignore the price tag of $77,000). See? Practical. There’s also the Toyota FT-Bh Concept vehicle that gets 112 MPG. Perfect for eco-concious buyers or anyone trying to save money on gas. It’s also perfect for anyone that doesn’t care about looks or what people might think when they pull up to a restaurant driving in what looks like an amphibious vehicle. Yep, it’s practical alright.

This blog post is about cool used cars of the future, not practical vehicles with good gas mileage. That’s why we’ve put together our favorites from the show you can only find in Geneva and given you some fun facts to impress family and friends. Who wouldn’t want to know the FT-Bh has only 0.235 of drag coefficient?

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The ultimate gallery of movie cars

Dumb and Dumber Mutt Cutts Mojo Motors ImageHere’s a quick and unsophisticated history lesson. Films become popular in the early 1900’s, right around the same time as automobiles. The first mainstream feature film in America was released in 1912. The first automobile, the Ford Model T, was released in 1908. Since then, nearly one bazillion films have been produced and probably just as many cars too. Over one hundred years later, cars have become integral parts, even characters, in some of the greatest movies.

The following gallery features some of the most popular movie cars based on responses from our Facebook fans. This is the ultimate gallery of movie cars, but not the ultimate ultimate gallery of movie cars. This way, nobody can call out the Mojo Motors Blog for neglecting to include a totally sweet movie car, but go ahead, flame away in the comments. If you’re looking for the ultimate ultimate gallery of movie cars goes to the Internet Movie Car Database. Until then, check out these 28 rides from Hollywood after making the jump.

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