What car shoppers search for is misleading

Auto Remarketing wrote a similar article based on our data. You can read that here.

The discrepancy between what people search online and what they actually end up purchasing can, often times, be entirely different. It sort of makes sense – people are aspirational. It’s the whole reason you see young and beautiful models in advertisements, not the middle aged and overweight. For real, who wouldn’t rather have a BMW over a Kia?

Take the minivan, for example. Most people don’t want the minivan. They will do anything they possibly can to get an Acadia, a Pilot or anything that can fit 8 people, tow a boat and not cost more than half of their median income. In most cases, practicality prevails and people end up with that affordable Grand Caravan and their dreams dwindle away in the internet history folder.

This is not always true, however, it really just depends on the vehicle they’re searching. For example, the numbers and Google Analytics and SQL man at Mojo Motors, Michael Milstein pulled up some data nuggets on the cars members search for most and the cars they actually bought. Make the jump for some surprises. [keep reading]

Mojo Deals: $10k Edition!

This week’s new car is the 2012 Nissan Versa S base model. The Versa is the least expensive new car you can buy, and the MSRP listed below is the vehicle’s absolute lowest price. Needless to say, this means the car you’re getting is bare bones; an automatic transmission will cost you more, and most additional features are not even options on the base model. One significant advantage is the car’s excellent fuel efficiency, a combined 31 mpg. The Versa will certainly get you from one place to another, but it won’t give you much else. However, by taking advantage of the Mojo price, we bet you can get a lot more for your money! First, let’s take a look at the Nissan and its specs:

New Car
2012 Nissan Versa S (Base)
Engine: 1.6L 4-Cyl Manual
Power: 109hp and 107tq
Fuel economy: 27 city/36 hwy
MSRP: $10,990


So for around $10k you can buy a compact sedan with virtually no standard features. That doesn’t seem like the smartest use of your money. Instead, keep the same budget but get yourself a much nicer ride! Let’s see a few examples of the great variety of vehicles for the same price or less on Mojo… [keep reading]