Las Vegas

Why you should bring a tablet to a conference

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of representing Mojo Motors at the Digital Dealer Conference in Las Vegas.  At the last minute I decided to bring along a company iPad so I could show convention goers our  redesigned website.

Bringing the iPad turned out to be the second most important item to bring to a Las Vegas conference, right after business cards.  I ended up using the iPad for everything – I used it for directions, to show off our site and to take notes at presentations.  I could leave my maps, notebooks, pens and computer at the hotel.  Tweeting from the iPad was also much easier than tweeting from my phone. [keep reading]

Putting it into park: Weekend Linkage

The Mojo Motors Twitter feed the past week has been blown up by two reoccurring themes. The new Grand Theft Auto V trailer and pictures from the SEMA auto show going on in Las Vegas. Here are those stories and a few more…just in case you missed them. Enjoy the weekend.

Four years later, the Grand Theft Auto series makes its glorious return

NPR article reveals used cars in Cuba like a 2006 Honda can fetch more than $50,000

Ex-Nascar driver Jeremy Mayfield “had enough guns to equip a small army.”

AutoWeek is the neglected step-child of auto websites, but they sure have great photos from SEMA