The Monday Grind: Tuesday Edition

If it’s the Monday Grind on Tuesday, shouldn’t it just be the Tuesday Grind? Probably. In any event, it’s Tuesday and this is what you missed over the Holiday weekend.

Vampire GT Lego

That Vampire GT (above) was sold on eBay for $1,626 and made entirely out of Legos

Lotus engines couldn’t cut the mustard at the Indy 500 and were black flagged

The story of a $25,000 BMW that was probably underwater

Car apps may just be another driving distraction

Gift Guide: Toys

2011 Mojo Motors Blog Gift Guide ToysIf you’re feeling a little nostalgic which we like to do sometimes on the Mojo Motors Blog, you’ll probably like our gift guide of car toys. Commonly overlooked and seldom used these days, the car toy has been overshadowed by video games, texting and whatever else it is kids do. Is that wrong? We can’t say it is because we have a racing video game gift guide too. Yet, if you’re looking for gifts that show some novelty and a respect for the lost art of playing with car toys, keep reading for our favorites this holiday season.

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