What kinds of minivans are there?

If you’ve found the hunt for a used crossover or SUV to be a little confusing, that’s OK, it is confusing. There are lots and lots of different types, sizes and prices. Researching a used minivan is simpler and much more straightforward. If you want to give up, wait! Consider these minivans you can find on Mojo Motors. All seat 7 to 8 people, except for the Mazda5, and are comparable in size, price and features like sliding doors. Keep reading for the simplest research guide on used minivans you will find.

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Mojo Motors most popular searches in October

Most Popular and Unpopular Toyota Smart ImageBased on the most popular Mojo Motors used car searches from October, if you’re looking to buy a used car to help you blend-in, go with a Toyota. If you want a used car that will make you stand out, buy a Smart ForTwo. Plus, we have the most popular pick up truck searches, most popular minivan searches and infographics of the 10 most popular car searches, the 10 most popular automaker searches and the least searched automakers. Keep in mind Mojo Motors only currently serves the New England market including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Hampshire so this data doesn’t speak for the other 46 states. Oh, and if you feel so inclined, here’s a recap of the most popular and unpopular searches in September for comparison. Keep reading for all the factoids.

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Putting it into park: Weekend Linkage

Ending each week on the Mojo Motors Blog is “Putting it into park,” a compilation of newsworthy links from the past five days.

-That was the Hennessey Venon GT accelerating from 60 MPH to over 200 MPH. [link]

-General Motors courts BMW to partner on engines. [link]

-Maserati may build their new concept SUV in Detroit. [link]

-Auto Observer did a test on the most fuel efficient minivans. See how they stack up. [link]

-Mojo Motors featured a list of hot and not-so-hot cars that premiered at the Frankfurt Motor Show. [link]