Wins 2014 Rising Star Automotive Web Award

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 10.24.40 AMPCG Consulting has honored with a 2014 Rising Star Automotive Web Award

Each year we find search for new products and companies that haven’t been discovered before our AWA research. Industry peers and advocates for the AWAs gave us tips for companies that we should review and consider for the Rising Star awards.  The Rising Star winners are picked based on the length of product release, number of dealers using the product, what is needed for the product to catch fire and more. One of three great companies to take home the award this year is Mojo Motors. [keep reading]

Mojo Motors gets $3 million in funding

In the world of the interwebs there exists a brand. The name of this brand is and the goal is help shoppers buy used cars. They take this very seriously. So seriously, in fact, they have not only signed up over 25,000 shoppers for their website, but closed $3 million in funding. The funding will allow the web-based startup to expand and help even more used car shoppers find discounts at local dealers and receive alerts when prices drop on the cars they like.

Learn more how Mojo can help you or send them a Tweet @MojoMotors. You can also check out their article on TechCrunch too.

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Findings on Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a treasure trove of great information for brands. It is also chock full of borderline useless information. Not as useless as knowing a hubcap was stolen from three separate cars in Methuen, Massachusetts, but close. Actually, depending on your love of interesting factoids, Google Analytics is an excellent source of data. It’s a way to feel the pulse of your user base, where visitors are coming from and what kind of software they’re using.  It’s like Facebook creepery for nerds. Keep reading to see what we found.

Plant Creepers

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Safest used cars under $20,000 on

Two weeks ago we published a blog post about the safest used cars under $10,000. This week, we’re bringing you the safest used cars on for under $20,000.  The cars selected were based on most popular searches and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) safety ratings on And remember, even though these cars are all very safe, please wear your seat belt…even in the backseat. It seems most people are pretty conscious about wearing a seat belt these days. This is evident when looking at the picture to the right. Not wearing a seat belt in the backseat was a bigger issue at a time when women wore silky table napkins as shirts.

Regardless of what you’re wearing, make sure to keep reading to see what used cars and trucks under $20,000 made the list.

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Cool Used Car of the Future: Local Motors Rally Fighter

Kids these days don’t want to own a car according to an article on Millennials and the Generation-Y are “snubbing” car ownership and automakers will need to adapt. How? Crowd-sourcing or, in other words, giving anyone and everyone the ability to participate on an assignment or task. Think of those user-generated Doritos Super Bowl commercials, for example. Local Motors is using the crowd to build cars and their first creation is the Rally Fighter. Keep reading below the picture for details.

Local Motors Rally Fighter Front End

keep reading… New Digs has left the bustling confines of Times Square and made the move to a quieter locale near the Flat Iron District of New York City. Our new address is 40 W. 29th Street New York, New York near some fine little wholesale shops like Hat & Cap and U.S.A. Huatai Group, Inc. Import, Export, Wholesale. We’re sharing our space with ShopToko, a startup offering independent-retailers below-wholesale prices on items. We’re also sharing 29th street with what is sure to be our new favorite coffee shop, Stumptown at the Ace Hotel.

Keep reading for some candid shots of the space.

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