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Putting it into park: Weekend Linkage

This Sunday is the 96th Indy 500. There’s no Danica Patrick and the field is wide open. Coverage starts at noon this Sunday on ABC. If you’re feeling really ambitious, catch the Coca-Cola 600 at 6:00PM Sunday night. Have a great holiday weekend.

2012 Indy 500 Logo

- Canadians feel more beautiful when they’re driving a sexy car

- New Ford Shelby takes on a couple of police interceptors

- You know how some people flip houses? These guys flip cars.

- The 2013 Nascar Hall of Fame Class has been announced

- Drivers are allowed to warn other drivers about speed traps by flashing their brights

Image source: Motor Authority

Cool used car of the future: Vygor Opera

It seems like bad timing for an unheard of Italian car company called Vygor to announce the release of a new luxury crossover. Especially when considering an established brand like Saab can’t get help from their own country and most people have yet to see a Tesla Motors car on the road even though the brand’s been around for nearly a decade. No matter, Vygor plans to shake up the automotive world with the Opera.

Mojo Motors Future Used Car Vygor Opera Image

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