New Jersey

Snowtober strikes the Northeast

Snowtober Noreaster Car Accident Image Mojo MotorsThe nor’easter storm that hit New England over the weekend has officially ruined Halloween 2011, left millions of people powerless, millions more cold and a whole lot of damage. It’s like Hurricane Irene all over again but instead of rain and wind, it was snow, wind and ice. Some lucky cars made it out of Snowtober alive and some cars didn’t. If you happen to find your car under a tree limb, perhaps it’s time you think about buying a used car from Mojo Motors. If you happen to be the driver of the car in the photo to the right, however, perhaps it’s time you turn in your license and give up on driving indefinitely.

Make the jump to see some of the other unfortunate automobile victims of Snowtober.

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Hurricane Irene’s vendetta on cars

The Hurricane Irene theme continues today as people affected by the devastation work to rebuild their lives in the aftermath. The storm didn’t just break up families and destroy homes, it literally smooshed cars.  Check out the decks below for photos of the unfortunate autos. Make the jump to see more.

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