10 New Year’s Resolutions for Drivers

  1. Buy a car or truck that isn’t silver or white. Show off your personality, be a little different!
  2. Don’t talk on the phone or send texts while you drive. Avoid eating too, unless you like ketchup and special sauce stains all over your shirt.
  3. Even if you’ve only had a couple of drinks, find a designated driver. Thank them with a meal at Taco Bell or fast food joint of their choice.
  4. Slow down for people walking, running or cycling. Remember, you’re in an air conditioned vehicle- they’re outside and at the whim of mother nature. Slow down for construction workers too.
  5. If it’s snowing or raining outside and you have to drive somewhere…don’t. Seriously, no one knows how to drive in that stuff.
  6. When picking up food at a drive-through, avoid cone-ing the employees (even though it’s hilarious).
  7. Don’t argue with police officers about tickets because it will never end up working in your favor. Just hope they don’t show up at your court date.
  8. Clean, vacuum and wash your car every week or so. No one wants to ride in a car that smells like beef jerky, fried fish sandwiches and whatever else is festering under your seats.
  9. It’s not 1975 anymore. Change your oil every 5,000-8,000 miles or whenever your oil-life meter tells you.
  10. Drive less or carpool with friends to work /school/wherever. Sitting in a car with other people forces you to talk and it’s amazing what you can discover through conversation. You’ll save on gas too.

Are we missing something? Leave a comment and let us know.

Have an awesome and safe 2012!