Ask Mojo Motors Anything

A new series we’re starting is Ask Mojo Anything. Here are some of the questions we were asked on Facebook, on Twitter @MojoMotors and by email.

Ask Mojo Anything

Nick Miller via FB: Why is Danica Parick always the talk of the town when she’s clearly a below average driver?
Mojo: This is why.

Sivan I. via email: I’m moving to Boston this fall from Europe and I only know the European names of the cars. What kind of wagon or sedan with an automatic would be good to buy?
Mojo: Here are some of the best automatic wagons or sedans you can buy in the U.S. that might also remind you of the cars you see back home.

Kerily McEvoy via FB: If President Obama were a car, what kind of car would he be?
Mojo: Trick question – people can’t be cars. Perhaps you mean what type of car would President Obama drive? Before President Obama got into office, he drove a Chrysler 300. Here’s a picture. Post presidency, Mr. Obama seems like a Lincoln MKZ kind of guy, but the chances of Mr. Obama ever driving again is pretty slim. Any current or ex-president using Secret Service protection has to forfeit their right to drive.

Jonathon Allweather via FB: Where do you guys keep all the cars you sell?
Mojo: We don’t! Mojo Motors is a website where shoppers ‘Follow’ their favorite cars to get alerts when prices drop from local dealers. Our alerts also let shoppers know when cars they’re ‘Following’ are sold or similar cars are added to the dealership. If you want to start ‘Following’ cars, just start a search for your favorite used car or truck.

Louise Guyer via FB: Why do drive-thru cup holders suck so bad?
Mojo: The better question is, why are you using a drive-thru restaurant’s cup holders in the first place? Unless you’re driving something before 1993, any modern vehicle is likely equipped with anywhere from 4-270 cup holders. It’s a proven fact. Read the entire history of the car cup holder here.

Richard Eldridge, Sr via FB: Hey Mojo, can you give me $25,000.00 please?
Mojo: Absolutely not.

Ed Davis via FB: Mojo, I’d be happy with $10,000. Can you give the NHRA the same coverage?
Mojo: You want $10,000 and NHRA coverage? We’ll strike you a deal. We won’t give you $10,000 because do you know how many Taquitos that buys at 7-Eleven? But we can definitely include some more NHRA coverage. We love John Force. And his teeth.

The best paint jobs in motorsports

dale earnhardt black race car number 3 image

Henry Ford said, “any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as its black.” That was back in 1909, a time when indoor plumbing was still a luxury and during scraps people yelled, “put up your dukes!”  These days, black is still a respectable color, but in the world of motorsports, flashy wins out every time. Unless, that is, the car belonged to the legendary Dale Earnhardt Sr. who is known for his black #3 Goodwrench stock car. Even though seemingly all of our Facebook fans favorite paint jobs involve an Earnhardt car, both Senior and Junior, we were able to muster up some other unique paint jobs from motorsports. Check them out below and be sure to let us know what we missed.

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