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10 best cars for doing the nasty

Car sex isn’t just for teenagers with no lock on their bedroom door. When you can’t get privacy at home, don’t have money for a motel room or simply can’t wait until you get home to bone, your car may be the only option. Everyone has done the dirty in their car at some point or another. Right?

Toyota Car is Rocking

It can be exciting, but it can also be a bit challenging depending on your vehicle. Since we love providing shoppers with invaluable car buying advice, we put together a list of the 10 best cars to do it in. So turn off the motor, set the radio low, hop in the back seat and get to it. [keep reading]

The loneliest used vehicles on Mojo Motors

keanu reeves lonely image mojo motors imageMojo Motors is a website that sells used cars and trucks which gives the Mojo Motors Blog access to some interesting findings. Per November search data, the most searched vehicles in New England were the Subaru Impreza and Toyota Tacoma. If you’re curious for the complete details, check out the November Popularity Rankings.

Then there are the most unpopular vehicles in New England and they’re lonely, forgotten and neglected sort of like Keanu Reeves seen to the right. Based upon the least searched vehicles on Mojo Motors combined with a scientific analysis of Facebook likes and their rank in the Edmunds Inside Line’s 100 Worst Cars of All Time, these are the loneliest vehicles on the road today. Photographs are in black and white to make them look extra lonely.

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