Best used cars to buy this summer

You already know that summer is the best time to buy a used car or truck. It’s because dealers are dropping prices more often and taking more money off than any other time of the year. Proof lives in the graph below.

Best Months to Buy a Used Car

If you’re on the fence about what type of vehicle to buy or just looking for a value, consider one of the ten following vehicles to buy this summer that either drop in price most frequently or have the greatest total price drop. After you figure out the car you want, read how to use Mojo Motors to save even more. [keep reading]

Fun facts about 2012 car sales

A few weekends ago Hooniverse published an article breaking down 2012 car sales. Inside the post which you can read here, there are some really interesting fun facts about the cars the were sold. The article is long, perhaps a little too long for a weekday read, so here’s the most interesting bits you can digest in just a minute or two.

Ford Crown Vic: 546 sold in December 2012, last built in September 2011

Ford Ranger: 118 sold in December 2012, last built in December 2011

Lincoln Town Car: 1,001 sold in 2012, last built in August 2011 [keep reading]

Used cars to buy this summer

The Detroit News reported the price of gas is dropping (down 3.5% from a year ago) and that is causing the price of small cars to drop too. According to the article, the average price of gas is about $3.71 and if prices stay below $4.00, car shoppers will buy trucks, SUVs and minivans. Even though used car prices are at record highs because of inventory shortages, their prices will decline if gas prices do, in fact, remain stable.

 Toyota Prius Burnout

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November Popularity Rankings on Mojo Motors

The king of popularity is the Subaru Impreza which retains its crown as the most searched vehicle on Mojo Motors in the month of November. Winners last month also include the Toyota Tacoma which jumps from fifth place to second place and the number six Ford F-150 making its premier in the top 10. Jeep made some moves too, boasting two vehicles in the top 10. The Wrangler comes in third place and the Grand Cherokee in seventh. For the second straight month, Toyota is the most searched brand on Mojo Motors and for the first time, Volvo and GMC have made it into top 10, kicking out poor-performing losers like BMW and Audi. For a more comprehensive breakdown, keep reading below.

Most Popular Searches on Mojo Motors in November

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Putting it into Park: Weekend Linkage

Happy Friday! If you’re going shopping this weekend, good luck because it will probably be a gauntlet. If you decide to ride out the weekend at home, perhaps these auto links will be of interest to you.

Changfeng Rhombus Ugly Chinese Car Image

China’s car contributions to the world are slightly cool, weird but mostly ugly

The 2011 Mojo Motors Blog Gift Guide highlighting all the best gifts for car peeps is here

Nissan is going buck wild with electric cars and premiered 5 electric concepts in Tokyo

A new study finds fat kids are safe in normal-sized car seats

Read the worst towing stories from Boston, MA

Car and Driver’s 10 best future used cars

Photo credit: MSN Cars UK

Cool used cars of the future: Tokyo Motor Show

Suzuki Regina Concept Mojo Motors Blog ImageThe Tokyo Motor Show is now open to the public and continues until December 11. Like all other auto shows, car makers are using the Tokyo Motor Show to unveil their latest concepts. The cars included below are cool. The Suzuki Regina, pictured to the right, however, is not cool. Maybe it’s the color. Maybe it’s the wheels. Maybe it’s because the car is just plain ugly. Save your eyes and keep reading the Mojo Motors Blog cool used cars of the future from the Tokyo Motor Show. We promise they are way better than the Regina.

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Mojo Deals: $10k Edition!

This week’s new car is the 2012 Nissan Versa S base model. The Versa is the least expensive new car you can buy, and the MSRP listed below is the vehicle’s absolute lowest price. Needless to say, this means the car you’re getting is bare bones; an automatic transmission will cost you more, and most additional features are not even options on the base model. One significant advantage is the car’s excellent fuel efficiency, a combined 31 mpg. The Versa will certainly get you from one place to another, but it won’t give you much else. However, by taking advantage of the Mojo price, we bet you can get a lot more for your money! First, let’s take a look at the Nissan and its specs:

New Car
2012 Nissan Versa S (Base)
Engine: 1.6L 4-Cyl Manual
Power: 109hp and 107tq
Fuel economy: 27 city/36 hwy
MSRP: $10,990


So for around $10k you can buy a compact sedan with virtually no standard features. That doesn’t seem like the smartest use of your money. Instead, keep the same budget but get yourself a much nicer ride! Let’s see a few examples of the great variety of vehicles for the same price or less on Mojo… [keep reading]

Mojo Deals: The wagon vs. the midsize SUV

Are you looking for a new midsize SUV? The Nissan Pathfinder is a great option with an attractive and well-appointed cabin with three-row seating and a generous amount of interior storage space. But as with many truck based SUVs, the Pathfinder’s fuel economy terrifies wallets everywhere, and its large size and heavy weight lead to poor driving dynamics. The Pathfinder is certainly a good family SUV, but by taking advantage of the Mojo price, we bet you can get a lot more for your money. First, let’s take a look at the Pathfinder and its specs:

New Car
2011 Nissan Pathfinder S

Engine: 4.0L V6 Auto
Power: 266hp and 288tq
Fuel economy: 15 city/22 hwy
MSRP: $30,570

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