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Auto Dealerships Take a Cue from Apple (1to1 Media)

1to1 logoArticle by Judith Aquino for 1to1 Media

Spending time in the car typically means abandoning the Internet and apps for older technologies like satellite radio, CD players, and navigational screens attached to the windshield. But auto makers have been rolling out new features to bring the automobile up to speed with consumers used to touchscreens and on-demand entertainment. [keep reading]

How to drive urgency online #DD15

Download Paul’s deck here.

Paul Nadjarian Presenting at DD15At Digital Dealer 15 (#DD15) Paul Nadjarian, Mojo Motors Founder & CEO, presented to dealership executives and managers on techniques to drive urgency online. Dealerships already excel at driving urgency in the dealership and by phone.

“That’s a great car, I just had someone take a test drive this morning.”

“I have been getting lots of calls about that car, we just dropped the price $500!”

Using key words and phrases like that is nothing new for the sales team at a dealership. However, how does a dealership take these techniques to the internet to drive urgency? This can get a bit more complicated because it would seem driving urgency is best done in-person. [keep reading]

Mojo Motors Founder & CEO Speaking at #DD15

Updated: Click for a recap of Paul’s presentation at #DD15.

Nadjarian Speaking DIgital DealerThe Founder and CEO of Mojo Motors, Paul Nadjarian, will be presenting at the 15th Annual Digital Dealer in Las Vegas at The Mirage on Tuesday, October 15 from 3:00-3:50PM in Martinique B.

The title of Paul’s presentation is, “Leverage ‘Urgency’ to Close More Sales.” He will discuss techniques dealerships can employ that use a customer’s emotions and fear of missing out (#FOMO) to drive more sales. In addition, he will discuss how to avoid the pitfalls that lead to a bad purchase experience.

See Paul from 3:00 – 3:50PM in Martinique B Tuesday, October 15, 2013. For the full lineup of presenters, check out the 15th Digital Dealer website here.

Mojo Motors is an automotive classified website that was launched in 2010. Shoppers ‘Follow’ used cars to get alerts when dealers drop prices or add cars to their inventory. Mojo Motors is currently operating in New England, Florida and Texas.

A message from Mojo Motors CEO Paul Nadjarian

After helping thousands of cars shoppers buy a car they love, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the new version of the Mojo Motors website.  We’ve made it even easier to get a great deal on used cars & trucks – you just Follow Cars and Save Money.

Here are some highlights:
– You can Follow your favorite cars and get alerts as prices change
– The ‘My Cars’ page will keep track of all changes on the cars you Follow
– Optimized to look beautiful on your phone, tablet and desktop
– As always, Mojo Motors has no ads and is still totally FREE!

Check out the new Mojo Motors website. If you have any thoughts, feel free to send me an email.



How a business trip is done – Part 1

In the beginning, there was work. And it was good. Then there was the business trip and well…it was interesting. For those of you that have ever been in charge of putting one together, you know it can be a lot of, well, work. I am writing this blog fresh off the road after planning and executing a 5-day business trip spent meeting with 21 clients across the state of Florida.

It was me, Paul (the CEO of Mojo Motors) and the open road. Go ahead, be jealous. In addition to planning a shirt and tie combo each day, details about which company to meet with and when is equally important. Here are a few easy tips to planning your next successful business trip. [keep reading]