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Introducing the new dealer dashboard

In mid-March Mojo Motors released a new version of what we call our dealer dashboard.  The dashboard is where our dealer partners can login to see activity on their cars, everything from the number of ‘Follows’ on their inventory, to what cars and links people are clicking.

Mojo Motors Dealer Dashboard

The car industry is changing and so are the ways dealers find new customers. It’s about engagement and awareness, not leads. This is something that was echoed at NADA this year by Pat Ryan Jr. and David Kain. You can read about that here.

Mojo is apart of this change because we do not charge dealers for each car shopper that we send them (that is called a lead in the industry). Instead, we measure how much engagement each of their cars get on the website. [keep reading]

Usability testing for less than $500

dos equis usability testing Two weeks ago, Mojo Motors conducted usability tests on a new prototype website. Usability testing is when people (participants) use a product to help its creators determine what works and what doesn’t. It allows the creators (testers) to watch people that are unfamiliar with a website or product basically mess around and complete a series of tasks or scenarios. These tests shed light on how someone in the real-world will likely use the product. It also allows the testers to notice big mistakes that could “make or break” the website.

We wanted to find out if people understood that the Mojo Motors prototype can help car shoppers ‘Follow’ cars to track changes in price. We took participants through the the entire process of shopping for a car from signing up on our website to following cars to receiving price alert emails and finally contacting a dealership.

Keep reading to see how we conducted our usability tests and the awful stock pictures with little-to-no relevance on the subject matter. You can also click on one of the links after the jump to quickly find relevant information because this post is long.
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