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The Automotive World’s Frankensteins

Some cars are styled with cost saving, space maximization, or aerodynamics in mind. Others were design from the start to stand out, to let everyone around you know: you are driving one ugly-butt car. Here is the Mojo Motors Blog pick of the most deformed cars the 21st century has had to offer.

#5 SsangYong Actyon

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The story behind a car

Cars can suck. They breakdown, tires go flat, get stuck in traffic and pollute the air. Cars can also be amazing and they all have a story. Before ending up on a dealer’s lot, the cars for sale on Mojo Motors were driven by someone to work, to a sporting event, the hospital, a restaurant…somewhere. The car was probably washed or vacuumed. There were probably times when there were other people in the car too and there were conversations or arguments. There were run-ins with the law, drivers with road rage and the unfortunate animal including deer, raccoons, possums or bears (if you live in Alaska or the wilderness).

Subaru Outback and sandals with socks quote image

There’s a saying, “if walls could talk.” What if the steering wheel or dashboard could talk? It might not roll off the tongue as nicely, but you get the point. Think about it. Car buffs aren’t the only people attached to their rides. For most people, a car is a reflection of their personality. It’s also a way to combat the stereotypes commonly associated with a vehicle. Not only soccer moms drive minivans and not only people who wear sandals with socks drive Subarus. It’s why someone puts stickers on their back bumper supporting Ross Perot, a band, a radio station or why they give their cars silly names. Under that sunroof and behind the steering wheel is a person with a vivid memory, or two, about their car.

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