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The right and wrong ways brands use social media

First, let’s begin with a question – is there a right way and a wrong way for brands to use social media? Here’s an answer – it’s a trick question because, in my opinion, there is no right and wrong way. Wait, so actually I guess the answer is no. Some prolific users of social media might argue differently, but every brand or person can do whatever they want with their online persona.

It really depends on the goals a brand sets out to achieve that will determine if there really is a right or wrong way. Is the goal to increase followers and engagement or simply to advertise coupons or deals? You’ve heard it before, social media is still pretty much like the wild west and there are no rules. As long as you’re not Tweeting to the corporate account by accident like that guy from Chrysler, you can Tweet, message or post whatever you want. [keep reading]

The best paint jobs in motorsports

dale earnhardt black race car number 3 image

Henry Ford said, “any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as its black.” That was back in 1909, a time when indoor plumbing was still a luxury and during scraps people yelled, “put up your dukes!”  These days, black is still a respectable color, but in the world of motorsports, flashy wins out every time. Unless, that is, the car belonged to the legendary Dale Earnhardt Sr. who is known for his black #3 Goodwrench stock car. Even though seemingly all of our Facebook fans favorite paint jobs involve an Earnhardt car, both Senior and Junior, we were able to muster up some other unique paint jobs from motorsports. Check them out below and be sure to let us know what we missed.

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