shopping for a used car

Are you a car stalker?

When shopping for a car, being a stalker is highly recommended by Mojo Motors. In fact, it’s the best way to find the best price on the best used car or truck. When you are not shopping for a car, however, being a stalker is not recommended.

Follow Cars on Mojo Motors

We already talked about how to use Mojo Motors while shopping for a car, but we decided to write an alternative post replacing ‘Follow’ with words like stalking. Sure, ‘Follow’ is our word of choice on the website, but stalk is a suitable synonym and a bit more interesting too. [keep reading]

Release Notes: January Product Updates

In the first month of the new year we made some big updates to the Mojo Motors website. Each day the Mojo Motors office gets a “Release Notes” email from CTO Tae Oh with the updates and bug fixes made by the tech team. Here are some of the stories from the “Release Notes” this month.

– Improved speed and quality of sold emails by updating search logic and using Lucene*

– Dealers using Mojo Motors can generate a PDF of their store’s Activity Report

– Signup pages on Mojo Motors have been updated to reflect the winning designs from an A/B test**

A/B Testing on Sign Up Page

– Vehicle detail pages (VDP) display high value features first like a sunroof, leather seats, etc…

– Homepage no longer displays vehicles without photos for better user experience

Most Followed cars with images

– Added dealership phone numbers to emails so users don’t have to click through to the website

– Created “New,” “Reduced” and “Sold” tags that are placed over vehicle photos

New Sold Reduced Tags

– Added rollover interactions on VDP to spice it up

– Fixed the bug where Lexus GX was being added to Lexus GS searches

* Sold emails are sent when users Following cars or cars that match their sold at a local dealer

** The headline now reflects the action someone took on the previous page like clicking the ‘Follow’ button