Battling Rental Cars – Mazda3 VS Chevrolet Cruz

On the weekend before Thanksgiving, Bryan Jennings and myself, Max Katsarelas rented a couple of cars and took road trips. Bryan drove to Virginia Beach in a Mazda3 sedan and I went to East Lansing, Michigan in a Chevrolet Cruz. For Bryan, it would be a round trip of about 800 miles. For me, it would be a round trip of about 1700 miles. Total driving time for the two of us combined was over 40 hours.

That was a lot of time to get to know our respective cars. We broke down our reviews into five categories: gas mileage, ride comfort, review of Hertz rental agency, tech gadgetry and the overall experience. Make the jump to see the Mazda3 square off against the Chevy Cruz in the first edition of Battling Rental Cars. [keep reading]

The best cars for foodies

Car makers design with comfort and ergonomics in mind. It’s why temperature gauges are grouped together in one area of your dashboard and your radio is grouped together in another (unless you drive a Dodge Journey). It’s why your mid-size sedan has enough cup holders for a family of 12. It’s also why your work truck has a step ladder built into the bed. The interior is where designers spend a considerable amount of time trying to make everything as user-friendly as possible.

Drive Thru Line Image

Based on our experience, the armrest between the two front seats double as a dinner table and whoever said size of the armrest doesn’t matter clearly never tried to eat a McDonald’s Big Mac Meal (supersized, of course) in a Ford Aspire. When determining what kind of used car or truck you want to buy, consider your tastes. It’s all about accommodation. Do you like eating a bowl of spaghetti while cruising down the interstate? How about an empanada while driving the carpool? We never recommend eating and driving, but sometimes busy lives call for desperate measures. That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide to help you, foodie extraordinaire, figure out the best used car or truck to buy.

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