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Mojo Race Report: Dale Earnhardt special paint schemes

In Dale Earnhardt’s 30+ year racing career, he drove a lot of cars. Everyone remembers the black #3 Chevrolet Goodwrench car or the #3 Chevrolet Wrangler car, but there were others. Oh yes, there were many others. Here are some of the best and coolest stock cars ever driven by the legendary Dale Earnhardt.

#3 Wheaties Car

Dale Earnhardt Wheaties #3 Car

Dale Earnhardt drove this Wheaties car at The Winston in 1997 (currently known as the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race) when he finished second to Jeff Gordon. Team owner Richard Childress said The Winston was one of Earnhardt’s favorites because “it was short, paid a huge purse and we didn’t have to worry about getting in trouble or be worried about the championship.” [keep reading]