Why I love the Ford Lightning

I am an Asian American male in my mid twenties with a mild Ford Lightning obsession, more specifically the 2nd generation model, which was produced between 1999 and 2004. To quote the urban dictionary, the Lightning is “predominantly owned by rednecks and white trash.” I want to change this.

Ford Lightning Red Black Rims

If you read my previous blog post, you know that I liked and bought cars for pretty stupid reasons. Nothing changes when it comes to the Lightning and here are three stupid reasons.

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Fun facts about 2012 car sales

A few weekends ago Hooniverse published an article breaking down 2012 car sales. Inside the post which you can read here, there are some really interesting fun facts about the cars the were sold. The article is long, perhaps a little too long for a weekday read, so here’s the most interesting bits you can digest in just a minute or two.

Ford Crown Vic: 546 sold in December 2012, last built in September 2011

Ford Ranger: 118 sold in December 2012, last built in December 2011

Lincoln Town Car: 1,001 sold in 2012, last built in August 2011 [keep reading]