Anki Drive puts slot cars on steroids

Since Furby, the bird-like robot toy, which hit markets in the 1998, the Artificial Intelligence toy market has seen impressive growth each holiday season. This year, Silicon Valley based robotics startup, Anki, has joined the mix with their new car game, Anki Drive. Last weekend, I had the pleasure of trying out the impressive Anki Drive at the home of a beta-tester and tech enthusiast.

Anki Driver Packaging Image

Artificial Intelligence is when computers or technology can accomplish tasks that require human intelligence. For example, that crazy looking Furby could learn words. I taught my sister’s Furby a few choice phrases, which the Furby said to my sister. Upon discovering this, my parents were not impressed. [keep reading]

Hottest used cars by state

Mojo Motors recently studied the most popular used cars by state from the last 30 days.* To find out the most popular used cars by state, we looked at cars with the most Follows. Shoppers who sign up for a free Mojo Motors account can Follow their favorite cars to get alerts when dealers drop prices, sell cars or add new cars to their inventory. You can learn more about Following cars and Mojo Motors here.

mojo market map large

The findings were largely expected, with Camrys, Altimas, Civics and F150s making multiple appearances. There were a few surprises, however. For example, in Maine where some cities experience over 70 inches of snowfall in winter, shoppers are still hot-to-trot on Ford Mustangs. Shoppers in Rhode Island, meanwhile, are Following Kia Sorentos and Chrysler 300s. Select your state below to see what your neighbors are checking out. [keep reading]

How to create a great place to work

A piece of creating a great place to work is the physical space you create for your team.  Mojo has grown in the past couple of years and we had to upgrade our office space.

Mojo Motors NYC office

I’d like to share my thought process behind choosing and setting up our new office and why it’s all about the ENERGY. [keep reading]

Release Notes: September Product Updates

In the month of September, Mojo Motors made some major upgrades to the homepage and vehicle detail page (VDP). In fact, some folks might say aside from the new dealer dashboard, these are some of the biggest updates since the website was redesigned back in November of 2012.

New Mojo Motors homepage

The changes took place on the vehicle detail pages and the homepage. The internal codeword for the product update on the VDP was “Need for Speed.” There was no codeword for the homepage redesign, but for the purposes of a blog post, it will be named “Bye Sheila!” [keep reading]

Mojo Motors Responsive Redesign With Fireworks (Smashing Magazine)

Smashing Magazine Logo ImageStory by Ola Oladunni for Smashing Magazine

Thanks to strong mobile Web adoption worldwide, we have seen the launch of even more responsive designs in 2012 and 2013. Most of these have been in the publishing category, but lately we are starting to see complex transactional websites, such as Currys UK, take a brave step into this new world. [keep reading]

Buying a car at a dealership doesn’t have to suck

Buying a car can be rough, but it doesn’t have to be. I recently received a call from my sister-in-law because her car died and was in need of a vehicle. She wanted a Honda Pilot and had a price in mind, however she was having a hard time finding a dealership she felt comfortable in.

Honda Dealership Image

She was stressed out had walked out of 2 dealerships. In one day. Before 11AM. I shared a few tips with her and by the end of the week, she was super happy with the purchase. Here are my car buying tips. [keep reading]

Release Notes: January Product Updates

In the first month of the new year we made some big updates to the Mojo Motors website. Each day the Mojo Motors office gets a “Release Notes” email from CTO Tae Oh with the updates and bug fixes made by the tech team. Here are some of the stories from the “Release Notes” this month.

– Improved speed and quality of sold emails by updating search logic and using Lucene*

– Dealers using Mojo Motors can generate a PDF of their store’s Activity Report

– Signup pages on Mojo Motors have been updated to reflect the winning designs from an A/B test**

A/B Testing on Sign Up Page

– Vehicle detail pages (VDP) display high value features first like a sunroof, leather seats, etc…

– Homepage no longer displays vehicles without photos for better user experience

Most Followed cars with images

– Added dealership phone numbers to emails so users don’t have to click through to the website

– Created “New,” “Reduced” and “Sold” tags that are placed over vehicle photos

New Sold Reduced Tags

– Added rollover interactions on VDP to spice it up

– Fixed the bug where Lexus GX was being added to Lexus GS searches

* Sold emails are sent when users Following cars or cars that match their sold at a local dealer

** The headline now reflects the action someone took on the previous page like clicking the ‘Follow’ button

How to car shop using Mojo Motors

[UPDATE: How to shop for used cars online]

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely joined Mojo Motors and used the website to shop around for a used car or truck. If you haven’t, why not? We have some really special tools to help you save money and time while shopping for a car. It sounds so cliche, but hear us out.

If you have bought a car recently or you’re in the market now to buy, you’ve spent a TON of time researching online – over 11 hours. You’ve looked at photos, compared different models, read dealership reviews, figured out what your trade-in is worth, etc. If you’re like the majority of car shoppers you will also probably buy a car after shopping for about a month.

Used cars and trucks stay on a dealership’s lot for about 37 days which is roughly the same amount of time someone goes from a car shopper to car buyer. Throughout the course of those 37 days, dealerships will drop prices nearly three times, knocking off a couple hundred here and another couple hundred there. In total, the average dealership will drop the price of their cars almost $1,000. [keep reading]

Festivus Month – A December to Remember

Working at a start up company is sort of like riding a roller coaster. It’s awesome and scary and thrilling, etc. To celebrate the Holidays at Mojo Motors, the Party Planning Committee came up with Festivus Month, “A December to Remember.”

It started with cookies each day for pretty much the entire month. We voted on our favorites and the winner received a $25 Amazon gift card. Then there was a dreidel tournament which included plenty of Hanukkah gelt, you know, those chocolate gold coins.

Finally, there was a Yankee Swap AKA White Elephant Gift Exchange at the Holiday party complete with a singing Justin Bieber toothbrush and scratch off lotto tickets. See the pictures of Mojo Motors’ Festivus below or see them all on our Google+ photo album. [keep reading]

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